About Us

Young and vibrant, Bangalore Branch has completed 75 years. Beginning with just a few Satsangis, the Branch now comprises of about 350 registered Satsangis and a sizable number of Jigyasus.

The building housing the Bangalore Satsang hall and colony has been christened Tejpunj by Gracious Huzoor. Situated in quiet, serene Sri Venkateshwara Nagar Layout, near Amrutahalli, Tejpunj is set in 11,000 sq. ft. of land. The ground floor plan includes the Satsang Hall, Gracious Huzoor’s room, Rani Sahiba’s room, Mahila Association hall, kitchen and two multi-purpose rooms. The Satsang Hall can accommodate up to 350 people and has ample facilities for the various Satsang activities. The 16 apartments built above the Satsang Hall make up the Satsang colony.


The youth are the mainstay of the branch and the activities are also in accordance with the age group. They take an active and enthusiastic part in all the seva. It also goes without saying, that the youth paath group and the qawwali group are an extremely talented lot.

Mahila Association

The Mahila Association of the branch has grown by leaps and bounds in the past 10 years. As the numbers grew, so did the activities. From undertaking basic activities, they have added Block Printing, sewing, preparation of masalas and snacks to their repertoire. Mahila Association also ensures that there is food available to all Satsangis, be it during Seva or during any special functions.

Industry Association

The Industry Association in Bangalore produces the very popular and quick-selling Scented bags (for cupboards, almirahs and trunks). While this is the only product that is sent to Dayalbagh for Exhibition and Sale, we also make and sell liquid dish washing soap and phenyle to the branch members on a regular basis. We are also trying to make hair oil and past attempts have been quite successful. Various other products are also being considered and tried.


As with every branch, Bangalore also has a Stores department that stocks and sells Dayalbagh products – right from pharma products to textiles. The Stores ensures that Satsangis have reasonable access to Dayalbagh products.


The Children’s group of the branch is quite large with a total of 60 children in all. There are four groups in all -

The activities taken up by each group is commensurate with their age group – paath, crafts, games, dance, and other activities to keep the young ones occupied. For the Junior Pre-Initiates group the focus is on enabling them to know more about various subjects, so that they are aware of the opportunities available to them.

Current Role Holders

Photo of Narayan Rao

Pb. Narayan Rao

Branch Secretary

Photo of Ankur Mathur

Pb. Ankur Mathur

Youth President

Photo of Arsh Josan

Pb. Arsh Josan

Youth Secretary

Photo of Prem Kumari

Pbn. Prem Kumari

Mahila Association President

Photo of Prabhu Dayal

Pb. Prabhu Dayal

Industry President

Photo of Sunil Sharma

Pb. Sunil Sharma

Industry Secretary